Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit


Contact:         Deputy Consul General Mrs. Midori Takeuchi

March 11, 2011

Mobile Phone: (313) 477-5279, Office Phone: (313) 567-0120



Statement in Response to the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

On behalf of the Japanese people and the Government of Japan, ConsulGeneral of Japan in Detroit, Mr. Kuninori Matsuda wishes to extend his utmost gratitude for the many expressions of concern and sympathy that have been received from those within its jurisdiction states of Michigan and Ohio. Moreover, the Government of Japan sincerely appreciates theoffers of assistance from the United States, which has redeployed ships and other resources to prepare for humanitarian relief efforts.


Prime Minister Naoto Kan has established and is heading an emergency headquarters for response to the disaster.  The Government of Japan is making every possible effort to ensure the safety of the public and to keep damage to the minimum possible extent.


The Government of Japan, along with all local Japanese governments in regions affected by the earthquake and tsunami, is expending maximum efforts to assess the number of casualties and levels of damage.  As it will take some time to determine this, those concerned about the welfare of family and friends in Japan are encouraged to continue following the most up-to-date media reports.


For information on the whereabouts and welfare of American nationals in Japan, please contact the U.S. State Department by phone at 1-888-407-4747 or at 1-202-501-4444, or by email at  In consideration of phone service interruptions, the Consulate-General of Japan is also releasing a list of phone-based message systems in Japan to check the well-being of friends and family.


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